Marleen Visser (Paddy), contemporary South African artists, Biography CV

Fine Artist, Illustrator, and Musician

Marleen grew up in Pretoria, matriculating at the Pro Arte High School for Art, Ballet, and Music. She has worked as a renderer , illustrator and graphic designer free-lancing to Ad-agencies and Corporate clients. As a fine artist she has had four solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions alongside other acclaimed artists. After having taught art classes to adults for 3 years, she established Blue Note Art Studio cc specialising in , illustration, graphic design, paintings and live music.

“I believe that all the art forms are integrated in some way or another.”

Marleen (Paddy) is also an accomplished professional musician, her instruments being saxophone, flute, guitar and vocals.

As an established fine artist and she has just recently opened an art gallery together with two other artists in Houtbay.

“The diversity we see around us, is motivation for me to constantly improve as an

individual and as an artist.


Free-lanced for National Parks Board creating many illustrations and promotional items such as colouring-in books, posters, t-shirt designs, etc.

– Numerous illustrations for a variety of Educational books, Readers, Covers, Posters, Puzzles, etc. ( since 2002 )

Publishers: Naspers – Best Books, Heinemann, MML now Pearson, Via Afrika, Oxford University Press, Juta, Logogog, Masterskills, Chart Studios, Raptor Publishers, Cambridge University Press, Vivlia, IO Publishing, Hodder Publishers, Fantasi Uitgewers, SA Heritage Publishers, Watermark Publishers, etc.

Australian Picture book: “Elizabeth and Unicorn Rose” – by Maria Rigoni 2008   www.urastory.com.au


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