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Visions Gallery is not just about displaying art and promoting artists. It is also about you as an individual and your relationship with art.

Painting, drawing and now colouring-in, has proven therapeutic benefits. It relaxes and de-stresses a person and focusses the mind. Doodling while listening to a lecture or person speaking, will sharpen your mind instead of it wandering off in a day dream.

And above all it is positively creative, making people feel they have achieved something of value.

Drawing is the most basic of all art forms – children instinctively draw from a very young age. But somewhere along life’s path, we lose the spontaneity and stop drawing.

Many people will argue that they cannot paint or draw to save their lives and therefore will not attempt. It could be that they have bad memories of art classes at school, or simply lack the basic techniques to make anything they feel is worthwhile.

Now is your chance to overcome the fear and self-doubt, and have FUN learning to draw.

Visions Gallery Art Workshops for adults

Once a month an artist from Visions Gallery will present a drawing workshop. We don’t like calling it classes, as this is an interactive fun activity. There is no right or wrong way, but just a creative way. Eventually you will gain sufficient self-confidence to draw your own doodles – or mandala – and colour it in.

The first series of drawing workshops are being presented by Marleen Visser: artist, book-illustrator and co-owner of Visions Gallery. Marleen has a series of doodles on display at the Gallery, which serves as inspiration to all the aspiring ‘doodlers’.

During 2016 a series of guest artists will be invited to conduct workshops.

17 October: ‘I wish I can draw’ workshop. Introduction to drawing.

7 November: ‘I wish I can draw’ workshop. Introduction to drawing. 21 November: ‘I can doodle!’ workshop. Following on from the introduction.

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