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Jewellery Art by Simon

Simon Shone is an artist who lives and works in the picturesque town of Hout Bay, Cape Town. His love of nature is expressed through his passion for original handmade jewellery and his ‘Framed Sculpture’ has evolved from his unique jewellery style over the past 18 years.

His motivation is to take a flat piece of metal, either precious or non-precious, and by using various techniques, giving it a 3 dimensional look thereby creating depth and movement. In a world of increasing mass production, Simon continues to work by hand and creates “one off” individual pieces for his clients.

His art has sold to people from all over the world and Simon’s greatest accolade is that his clients purchase his pieces for themselves or their homes and derive pleasure from his creations. They have “invested” in their own pleasure. In the future Simon hopes to collaborate with other artists and photographers to add value to his work, thereby carrying on the evolution of Jewellery Art by Simon.

Simons work is a “dying art”. It is an expression of his soul and will be his legacy. It is unlikely that his feel for what he does can be duplicated by anyone else, and is therefore finite.


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