Melany Blumer (Pietersen) is an internationally published artist currently residing on a farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  Her unique and vibrant art has been on exhibit around the world in countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Canada, USA, China and Korea. As an active member of the Society of Childrens Books Writers and Illustrators, she has attended numerous international workshops & conferences.

Melany also co-founded Happy Artworks Studio, a collective of professional artists specialising in children’s’ book illustration, with the mission of educating & inspiring children across the globe.

Artist’s Statement

“I’ve been painting in the sun since I arrived on planet earth, and I intend to keep doing so until I leave one day.

My aim is to send out as much love and light into the world as possible. . . much like a crystal that sparkles rainbows while dangling from a tree.

I think picture books are just like rainbows. . . a promise of hope and inspiration.”

Regarding art commissions:  “I’d rather paint something to match your garden than your living room.”

“I don’t have a TV; I watch the sky and mountains instead, hence what you see is pure unbrainwashed-by-the-media material. . . directly sourced from the Great Divine.”

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